Hello there! Let us take the “work” out of housework! Why not have the professionals at CR Professional Cleaning Service take care of making your home, office, rental or apartment look immaculate?  WE are a family owned business which takes great care in offering the best house cleaning solutions in the greater Sarasota – Manatee area.

When you select CR Professional Cleaning services, you are getting a highly trained staff which is thoroughly background checked, professional and thorough.

We do not hire independent contractors like other services. Each and every employee is a part of a family, and is thoroughly background checked, interviewed and trained.

When our staff comes to clean your home, their performance is held to strict guidelines that ensure your home is cleaned to a level that we would expect at our home!  Our staff enjoy their job, and it shows in the quality of their work.

We apply the “McDonald’s effect” which, in sense, means that no matter the size of the home, or the neighborhood it is in, the job our technicians do in cleaning your home is consistently the same. Just like no matter where you get a hamburger from McDonald’s, the expected result is exactly the same. PERIOD.

When you get  CR Professional Cleaning, you also get access to all our services like Shopping, Meal Preparation, Lawn Care, Pool Services, Lawn Maintenance, House Sitting, Pet Sitting, and more!  All our services are done with the highest quality, so why try and choose anyone else?