Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

We provide weekly pool maintenance for both residential and commercial pools.

Each visit includes:

Adjust the water level by adding or letting out water as needed
Clean the water line tile
Test and balance the pool water
Brush the steps, walls, and floor
Vacuum the pool/spa
Clean out the skimmer and pump baskets
Skim the pool/spa surface
Check the operation of the equipment
Clean/backwash the filter once a month or as needed
Lube exposed o-rings as needed

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

We assess each pool and price according to size, location and requirement so prices will vary from pool to pool. Pricing for un-caged pools are subject to assessment. Addition charges apply for weekly vacuuming.

Mechanical Issues

With our own dedicated pool mechanic we have the ability to install and repair pumps, motors, filters, timers, automated system, salt systems etc.


As well as mechanical issues we can also provide the service to trace and fix pool leaks, do dive work, repair/install handrails etc. With thirty years experience in the pool business one of our mechanics has the ability to trouble shoot the most difficult problems.
As part of our service our mechanic will visit your pool and give you a free estimate of the work required.

Water Features

Custom designed waterfalls and fountains.