CR Professional Cleaning offers a double layer cleaning for people who are moving in/out of a house, building, apartment, or business and need a cleaning AFTER they move out, and again BEFORE the new tenants move in.

Apartment Cleaning (residents)- As the time finishes where you are totally moved out of your apartment and are worried about getting your deposit back, we can relieve that stress. Experts in cleaning, CR Professional Cleaning can help restore the now vacant apartment to a much better condition to help you get back your deposit.

Apartment Cleaning (landlords) – AS a part of turning your property to a rentable condition, CR Professional Cleaning can detail clean your units BEFORE a new tenant moves in and get the property ready to lease again.

Selling A House (realtors) – Have empty properties that need upkeep and cleaning? Or maybe you have an open house and the house is not quite in the shape to have guests. Either way, CR Professional Cleaning can do a detailed cleaning job to make the house sparkle, and be more presentable to potential buyers. Done just before an open house, the fresh smell of clean can be a great enticement to potential clients.