All residents in Florida (and other places for that matter) dread the onset of the Hurricane season. Every year, people begin their preparations to check their house and make sure things are in order before any storms even form. But there are residents who own homes and property in Florida but only use this as their winter and vacation getaway. Many times, the house goes vacant for 7-8 months a year.  What does a vacant homeowner do when a storm forms, and needs their house looked after?

That is where CR Professional Cleaning comes in handy. In addition to our regular service list of housecleaning, and personal services, but we also can prepare homes for a storm. NOTE: Not all preparation done in anticipation of a storm can prevent damage (we can’t out-do Mother Nature), but in most cases, we can mitigate most damage because of our knowledge of hurricane preparedness.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: CR Professional Cleaning owner Richard Meyers has been through 16 named storms and was Ground Zero for 2 of the most destructive storms in US History (Andrew and Charley), as well as visited the ravaged areas of Katrina where it took landfall in Biloxi and Gulfport  Mississippi. Hurricane preparation and knowledge comes easy to him.

pool with patio furniture sunk to bottom

Pool experts warn that putting patio furniture in a pool can cause lots of damage to the marcite and cost thousands to repair


1) Inspect properties and list areas of weakness that need attention

2) Hang hurricane shutters (if provided) prior to storm

3)Shore-up older windows and garage doors

4) Secure and bring in all outside items that may become projectiles.

5) For elderly and shut -in residents, we can provide hurricane supplies, and make sure all food, medicine and emergency supplies are ready

6) Photograph and send pictures of property preparations to absentee property owners

7) After the storm, photograph and inspect the property for damage, and send report to absentee owners.

8) Replace all objects brought in from outside, and make sure house is secured.