Vacation Rentals in Southwest Florida are a tremendous boon to any real estate investor. Beachfront and seasonal rentals are worth thousands per month in revenue and profits, and they must be maintained properly. Reputation and reviews make all the difference between happy renters who recommend and return, and those who have a less than happy experience and take to reviews sites to voice their displeasure.

CR Professional Cleaning takes care of rental properties for both sides of the transaction:

Here you are out on vacation for a several weeks or maybe escaping the winter cold for a few months, the last thing you want to do is cleaning the house.

We at CR Professional Cleaning recognize that a day in paradise isn’t the same if you are stuck washing sheets, or housecleaning. So we have an excellent program that will provide a “maid service” to do the cleaning for you.

Services include:



Our service is very affordable, and allows you to continue to enjoy the paradise of Southwest Florida and the Greater Sarasota/Venice area without doing backbreaking chores and housekeeping. Call for your appointment today!

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So you own a vacation rental property, now what do you do? Besides post it on various rental websites and classifieds, it is the larger responsibility to make sure your rental is CLEAN and MAINTAINED.  If you are out of state, this is an even bigger responsibility.  We pride ourselves on our ratings, and our clients are ecstatic when their rentals get 5-STAR reviews.

CR Professional Cleaning handles all aspects of the rental management. We are your eyes and ears as you bring clients/renters in to stay at the property. From post rental inspection and cleaning, to even providing a “maid service” for your renters, we have all the answers for you. Additionally, we can oversee and manage any repairs or emergencies that occur.

When you offer our “maid service” to your guests, you keep your property in tip-top shape, and lessen the cleaning duties when turning over the rental to the next reservation. Having a set of eyes to spot and deficiencies BEFORE they become emergencies, and preserve your investment is an invaluable resource that costs you nothing.

And soon we will be offering a personalized concierge service to guests at the properties we oversee and provide all types of guidance from dining, recreational activities, and even shopping suggestions. An added plus that makes the stay at your rental stand out above the others.