Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, we get questions from clients as well as potential customers asking various inquiries about the cleaning industry, processes and various other topics. So we put the best ones here, and add more as we get asked:

What makes CR Professional Cleaning different?

We know of many reasons, but only a few truly stand out:
1) Our daily cleaning is more detailed than other services “intense” services
2) We use proven chemicals which are “surface specific”, not general purpose clean-all solutions

Do you have employees that are trained in only one type of cleaning? (i.e. kitchen, bathroom, floor)

No, each employee is trained identically in cleaning methods and procedures. Services that do not train equally with all personnel, results in a poor job when someone is sick.

Are you covered by insurance?

Absolutely! We cover our employees for general liability against breakage and accidents as well as Workman’s Compensation. If you hire a company that cannot show the names of the people cleaning your home on policies for Workman’s Comp or Liability, you should fire them. Otherwise you can become liable for accidents during work performed on your property.

Are your employees thoroughly checked?

Yes. A background check is completed by an independent agency, not a cheap online service. Trained professionals examine findings and report back to CR Professional Cleaning management as to hiring recommendations.

Do you have house sitting services? We are in town for several months at a time, and want to have the house watched when we are away.

YES. We look after client houses while the owners are away, and do walk through reports which are emailed to the owner. Before you arrive back at your house, we can open things up, and do a cleaning to prepare the property for your arrival.

Do you handle Vacation Rentals?

Yes. Our vacation rental service has two parts. First, we can prepare the property BEFORE the new renters arrive. This includes laundry, cleaning, and supply replenishment. Second, we can also offer an optional “maid-styled” service to the renters to clean once a week, and check on the property needs. This preserves the rental property better, and keeps the renters happy.

I am remodeling my home, do you do construction cleanup?

YES, we do a full service construction cleanup. First we can setup protection for your house and surfaces from the construction debris. Second, we can follow up the remodeling crew and cleanup the construction debris as well as a full construction cleaning of all parts of the house.

I have pets in the house, are your employees OK with animals?

Yes, our employees are asked about animals and their reaction to certain types as well as checking for possible allergies. Cleaning a house with several animals usually takes more time, especially with long haired dogs and cats. We ask that the animals are friendly, and  generally prefer that they are moved into a room where employees are not working. This eliminates tripping over pets, as well as scaring them with vacuums.

Are your testimonials real? Do you have references?

We have written testimonials, testimonials on our website which customers have filled out, and are in the process of doing video testimonials. We are proud of our service and our clients are not shy about proclaiming their praise.

Do you do elderly assistance? I have a parent who needs additional help.

YES. We can provide shopping assistance, grocery shopping, errand running, and even meal preparation for certain clients. We do not watch or provide companionship, but have service partners who do that type of service.