Hurricanes can be a huge loss to any family or business due to the devastation they bring about. In many cases, a region which is directly hit can suffer damages that are extensive enough to take up to a decade to recover from.  With the experience that CR Professional Cleaning has in relation to hurricanes (cleanup and being in the storm), we have developed a great knowledge of what to do to prepare for the oncoming storm. Not all preparations are storm proof (that is in control of Mother Nature), but they can greatly minimize loss or damage sustained.

Since there are a great number of people living in the SW FL region that do not have the capacity to do the preparations, CR Professional Cleaning can assist in getting their home ready for an upcoming storm.

1) Secure all windows and doors

2) Check and hang hurricane shutters (if provided)

3) Bring in any smaller items which may become airborne during a storm (furniture, plants, decor)

4) Secure garage door (often older homes have doors not hurricane rated)

5) Check for emergency supplies and make sure residents have food, water, and medical supplies ready

6) Take pictures of house fully prepared and send to seasonal residents who are away from their Florida home

7) Inspect home after the storm and take pictures and report back to homeowners

8) Assist in restoring the property back to original condition (removing shutters, putting plants out, bringing out patio items)