Richard Meyers (co-owner)

Richard comes from a long line of life experiences and has a portfolio of expertise in so many areas.  WIth customer service and quality being engrained in him at a young age by his father who spent over 30 years as a Publix store manager. The Publix philosophy was present throughout his upbringing, and it spilled over into his professional career.

Publix Motto : We will never knowingly disappoint you. If for any reason your purchase does not give you complete satisfaction, the full purchase price will be cheerfully refunded immediately upon request.

It was this dedication to excellence that Richard has brought to his daily work ethic. Not afraid of rolling up his sleeves, there is no job he will ever ask his work staff to do that he would not do himself. During his years in the workforce, he has mastered construction and remodeling management and cleanup, marketing, e-commerce and business management.

He started CR Professional Cleaning to give a level of excellence to a service that is ever so personal, and yet is not treated by many companies to be as important to the home owner as they should. Customers are sometimes shocked to see a man able to do a thorough cleaning and some have jokingly asked “Can you teach my husband?”. But in all seriousness, it is that Publix-like dedication to excellence and delivery of an unequaled service level that drives him every day.


Management & Operations 100%
Supervision 100%
Web Technology 90%
Construction Management 75%
Marketing & Social Media 80%
Cleaning Technology 80%